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SANTA CLARITA, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, January 7, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ – The vulnerabilities related to the job search often prevent an effective interview. As a result, talented and articulate professionals may appear confused or ineffective on first impression.

For over 30 years, April Grossinger has helped job seekers succeed by reframing the interview process.

April is the founder of Career Rises, where she specializes in helping job seekers market themselves more effectively for their next perfect job.

“The people I work with are very committed to their careers, upward mobile, and want to do meaningful work, but often find it difficult to express their strengths,” says April. “By understanding the unspoken rules of the job search, applicants can overcome their vulnerabilities and become more efficient. “

According to April, the interview process is obscured. Instead of employers asking, “What can you do for us? The questions are indirect. Often, employers and job seekers have two different conversations. April says her mission for Career Rises is to help employers and job seekers learn to talk to each other.

“Job seekers feel very helpless; they don’t feel like they have a say in the process, ”April says,“ If you see the process as a two-way street, it changes the dynamic. Stop thinking that you are in the hot seat at the mercy of the employer. Start seeing yourself as a collaborator and subject matter expert in your field.

April is the author of Upcoming Interviews. If you want to be successful, stop answering questions. According to April, the questions don’t matter, only the answers matter. Once you know the answers, you can answer almost any question.

“If you’re just answering questions, you’re not sharing strategic and intentional information,” April says. “It’s about having clarity on what you’re bringing to your table. “

April helps clients with everything from resume writing and research strategy, to interviews and negotiating salaries and other benefits. Its process moves people from blocked thought to empowered action.

“I am passionate about seeing people reach the level they belong to and not letting fear and bullying stop them,” April says. “So, I am proud to be able to help my clients take a new step in their career. It’s not always about making progress, but rather moving forward towards a better life.

Close Up Radio will feature April Grossinger in an interview with Jim Masters on January 11 at 10 a.m. EST and with Doug Llewelyn on January 18 at 10 a.m. EST

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