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Boris Johnson’s record in office has been hailed by a radio caller who criticized the decision by Tory MPs to ditch their leader this week following a wave of high-profile resignations from cabinet. The caller, Danielle from Hamstead in north London, praised Mr Johnson’s handling of Brexit and his action to support those furloughed during the Covid pandemic.

Danielle told LBC’s Andrew Pierce: “Boris Johnson has faced the toughest few years, which probably any Prime Minister has had.

“At the end of the day, he ticked everything off the list, every big issue on the list.

“He did Brexit, Covid, he was the first to get the vaccine out of the whole European Union.

“To be honest, I don’t agree with the lockdown leave, but he supported everyone, and there were a lot of countries around the world and friends that I have around the world who didn’t ‘ve never had leave benefits, never had rebound -ready to return.

“He provided all of that for us and that’s probably why we have inflation now, but to be honest he provided everything for our country.”

She added: “Now I just think like everyone else in his firm there must be an ego involved in jealousy because I understand there have been scandals, obviously that’s not true.

“But you have to look at the grand scheme of things and no one is perfect.”

Meanwhile, Rishi Sunak has thrown his hat into the ring to become Tory leader with the promise of restoring confidence after Mr Johnson’s tumultuous Prime Minister.

Mr Sunak posted a glossy launch video in which he lays out his family history, saying: “Our country faces enormous challenges, the most serious in a generation.

“And the decisions we make today will decide whether the next generation of Britons will also have the chance for a better future.”

He has the backing of Commons Leader Mark Spencer, who said Mr Sunak had “the vision and the ability to get us through dark economic times”.

The Conservative MP for Sherwood told BBC Radio 4’s PM programme: “Rishi has the skills, he has the ability, he has the experience, and I think he has the vision we need to bring the country together and move us in the right direction.”


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