Cadiz Rotary ‘Thoroughbred Academy’ Applications undergoing slight changes


For years, the Cadiz Rotary Club and Murray State University have maintained a strong partnership built to give Trigg County High School juniors and seniors hard-earned college credit.

Better known as Thoroughbred Academy, the Trigg County School Board spent Thursday hearing about changes to the program from educational supervisor Faye Stevens – before unanimously approving said changes.

Stevens said the Rotary Club of Cadiz and its Thoroughbred Academy committee met in late February, early March – with strong desires mentioned for more students to apply.

Seeking to fill 40 seats in total, 20 juniors and 20 seniors, some have recommended removing a minimum ACT score requirement of 18 for the “Thoroughbred Academy” application. Stevens said while it doesn’t match some of the prerequisites for Murray State University’s entry-level course, it does match the four-year school’s general admission — which no longer requires a student at all. minimum ACT score.

Stevens further noted that a previous Thoroughbred Academy requirement of a 21 or higher on the math portion of the ACT was also removed from the application, as Murray State University no longer offers courses. of mathematics in the junior/senior rotation.

As a counterbalance to the removed benchmarks, the total assessment of the application was changed from 55 possible points earned to 60 possible points earned – with the cumulative grade point average increasing from 5 points to 10 possible points.

An 18 in the ACT part in English and a 20 in the ACT part in reading are still required, Stevens added, and one of the biggest changes coming is that hopeful students will need to get their own letters of recommendation. .


— Next year juniors will have access to COM 161 (introduction to public speaking, three hours) and PSY 180 (general psychology) in the fall, and ENG 105 (critical reading, writing and research; four hours) and THD 104 (experienced theatricality; three hours) in the spring.

— Seniors will have access to HIS 222 (American experience since 1865; three hours) and HUM 211 (literary and philosophical subjects; three hours) in the fall, and CIV 201 (civilizations of the world I, three hours) and AST 115/ 116 (initiation to astronomy/laboratory; three hours) in the spring.

Stevens assured that students choosing to go elsewhere in Kentucky for college will be able to take their credits with them.

As it stands, “Thoroughbred Academy” allows students to earn up to 24 credit hours over two years, and in the past the program has helped a record number of internships and co-op experiences in the western Kentucky.


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