Cast of the Resident Evil series: Complete list of characters on Netflix


The terrifying universe of Resident Evil video games is once again adapted to the screen, even if netflixThe new series of brings considerable changes to the source material.

Rather than just being an adaptation of the first games, as we saw late last year with the feature film Welcome to Raccoon City, it’s an all-new original story with a single character. established.

John Wick and The Wire actor Lance Reddick plays Albert Wesker, a sinister villain who appeared throughout the Resident Evil franchise, but is reimagined here as the loving father of two daughters, Jade and Billie .

Of the two, Jade has the larger role on the show, appearing on two timelines played by both Charlie’s Angels star Ella Balinska and Artemis Fowl’s Tamara Smart.

Read on for everything you need to know about the cast of Netflix’s Resident Evil.

Resident Evil Series Cast: Full List of Netflix Thriller Characters

Lance Reddick plays Albert Wesker


Who is Albert Wester? A prominent figure in the video game series, Albert Wesker is a virologist working for the Umbrella Corporation. He developed a revolutionary new pill dubbed ‘Joy’, designed to treat severe depression and other mental health issues. Although the potential benefits of the drug are enormous, it has an unfortunate side effect of turning people into voracious, flesh-eating monsters when taken in high doses. Nonetheless, the company is keen on rushing it to market, prompting Albert to move to New Raccoon City, South Africa, with his two daughters and attempt to correct the fatal flaw.

What else has Lance Reddick been in? Among his acting credits are major roles in several hit television shows, including Prime Video’s The Wire, Fringe and Bosch. Meanwhile, on the big screen, he’s known for his role as Janitor Charon in the John Wick franchise.

Ella Balinska as Jade Wesker

Ella Balinska in Resident Evil


Who is Jade Wester? Jade is Albert’s daughter. In 2036, she is one of the survivors of a zombie apocalypse that has ravaged the entire planet. It is his mission to understand the behavior of wandering monsters in hopes that they can one day be controlled, tamed, or even cured.

What else has Ella Balinska been in? Balinska debuted in the 2019 reboot of Charlie’s Angels, where she appeared opposite Spencer’s Kristen Stewart and Aladdin’s Naomi Scott.

Tamara Smart plays young Jade

Resident Evil Jade

Netflix/ YouTube

Who is Jade? In 2022, Jade attends New Raccoon City High School with her sister, Billie. She recently moved from the United States to South Africa and isn’t thrilled at the prospect of starting over in an unfamiliar place.

What else has Tamara Smart been in? Smart broke into the cast of the children’s fantasy series The Worst Witch, which led to other roles in the Disney Plus adaptation Artemis Fowl and the Netflix movie A Babysitter’s Guide to Monster Hunting.

Siena Agudong as Billie Wesker

Siena Agudong plays Billie Wesker in Resident Evil


Who is Billie Wester? Billie is Albert’s other daughter. She has a close bond with her sister, Jade, though moving to New Raccoon City puts a strain on their relationship as she struggles to fit in at school. Billie is also an avid vegan, who is furious when she learns that Umbrella might be conducting animal testing.

What else has Siena Agudong been in? Agudong has made a name for himself in American children’s entertainment, with roles in the Nickelodeon comedies Nicky, Ricky, Dicky & Dawn and Star Falls, as well as the Disney Channel movie Upside-Down Magic. She also played the lead role in the short-lived Netflix series No Good Nick. Last year, she had a cameo appearance in F9: The Fast Saga, where she played a young Mia Toretto.

Paola Nuñez as Evelyn Marcus

Paola Núñez plays Evelyn Marcus in Resident Evil


Who is Evelyn Marcus? Evelyn is the new CEO of Umbrella Corporation, having inherited the company from her late father and founder, James. She has a long-standing working relationship with Albert Wesker, but they often disagree on key issues. In 2022, she’s pushing for an urgent launch of the potential miracle drug Joy, but Wesker insists it’s not ready for market just yet.

What else has Paola Nuñez been in it? Nuñez has starred in several films and television shows produced in his home country of Mexico, including long-running roles in a number of telenovelas (Spanish-language soap operas). Most recently, she appeared alongside Pierce Brosnan in the Western drama The Son, as well as a role in Season 2 of the TV spin-off The Purge. On the big screen, you might recognize Nuñez from his starring role in Will Smith’s action movie Bad Boys for Life.

Turlough Convery plays Richard Baxter

Turlough Convery in Resident Evil


Who is Richard Baxter? Baxter is an employee of Umbrella Corporation. In 2036, he is responsible for finding Jade Wesker and is ready to do anything to do it.

What else has Turlough Convery been in? Convery has appeared on several UK TV shows including My Mad Fat Diary, Poldark, Killing Eve, Anne Boleyn and Sanditon. His film projects include the horror film Saint Maud and Kenneth Branagh’s recent Oscar-winning Belfast.

Connor Gosatti plays Simon

Connor Gosatti as Simon in Resident Evil


Who is Simon? Simon is a high school student in New Raccoon City, who meets Jade Wesker.

What else has Connor Gosatti been in? This is Gosatti’s first big screen role.

Resident Evil is available to stream on Netflix from Thursday, July 14, 2022. Check out more of our Sci-Fi coverage or visit our TV guide to see what’s on tonight.

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