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The music on KSKK radio changed its tone to catholic programming. Well at least on station 1070 AM, station 94.7 FM plays the same contemporary music.

While the transition has been under discussion for about five years, the downtown fire and the COVID-19 pandemic have advanced the KSKK’s move out of Wadena’s office. There’s no one moving in because the sale of the AM station didn’t include the office, as DeLaHunt Media owner and chief engineer Dave DeLaHunt said.

Most employees have been working remotely due to the pandemic or out of the Park Rapids office, and will continue to do so. And although the music on 94.7 FM is broadcast from KPRM 870 AM, DeLaHunt says these are the usual tunes.

“We continue to offer adult contemporary music on this station, now very similar to the programming people have been used to in the Wadena market since KSKK,” DeLaHunt said. The DeLaHunt family has owned and operated KK Radio Network stations in Park Rapids since 1962.

New Catholic programming is broadcast from St. Cloud via Catholic Radio K-Yes, which broadcasts relevant radio programming. The station wraps up K-Yes radio coverage of the Diocese of St. Cloud, which includes Wadena County and 15 other counties. (A diocese is a geographic region of Catholic churches.) You can also listen to programming on 101.3 FM in the Wadena area.

K-Yes general manager Deb Huschle said she was grateful for the DeLaHunt family’s work in making the transition possible.

Deb Huschle, general manager of Catholic radio K-Yes and Spirit 92.9. Contributed / K-Yes Catholic Radio

Relevant Radio, which broadcasts across the United States, covers about 90% of Catholic programming with aspects like a live mass at noon and the “Family Rosary Across America” ​​where people pray together at 7 p.m. days.

“People are calling from all over the country with prayer requests, and then they pray the rosary for that half hour,” Huschle said. “People really, really like being part of something where you pray with thousands of people.”

The station has “good Catholic talk programming, but it can also add the local diocesan flavor,” as Huschle describes it. One of the main local programs is “Conversations with Glen”, where priests and religious leaders talk about events in the Diocese of St. Cloud and scripture readings. Huschle said the program helps keep people informed about the diocese. The show takes place Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. to 9 a.m. and is replayed from 6 p.m. to 7 p.m. as well as from 8:30 a.m. to 9:30 a.m. on Saturdays. Diocese of St. Cloud, Bishop Donald Kettler usually shares Thursdays.

Mass at Sainte-Marie Cathedral in Saint-Cloud is also replayed at 7:30 p.m. every day. Huschle said the “local feel” will come with announcements of Wadena-area community events and specific advertisements. You can call the station to let them know about your community event.

“We are so grateful to reach out and help people,” Huschle said. “We hear so many positive things about how it really helps people grow in their faith, and you are better able to understand your faith so you can share with your children.”

For more information about K-Yes Catholic Radio, visit or call 320-257-9700. For more information about the KK Radio Network, visit or call 218-732-3306.


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