Charges against 4th of July parade shooter announced


Illinois authorities are charging the suspect accused of killing seven people during a July 4 parade in Highland Park with seven counts of first-degree murder. Lake County State’s Attorney Eric Rinehart says that Robert E. Crimo III could face dozens of other charges in connection with all the victims who were injured in the horrific attack.

If found guilty, Crimo will be sentenced to life behind bars without the possibility of parole.

“In the courtroom, we will be asking for the maximum sentence against this offender. Not because we seek revenge, but because justice and the healing process demands it,” Rinehart said.

Officials said Crimo planned the attack for weeks and legally purchased the rifle he used in the attack. On the morning of the parade, he climbed onto the roof of a business overlooking the route. From there, he fired around 70 random shots into the crowd, killing at least seven people and injuring nearly 40 others. Crimo then fled and managed to evade capture while wearing women’s clothing.

He was apprehended hours later after a brief chase.

“What should have been a celebration of freedom ended in despair for our community. All the people who died within walking distance of here lost their freedom. All of it. Every ounce of freedom they had “The freedom to love, the freedom to learn and the freedom to live a full life. Their freedom matters too. We need to do more, as we think and reflect on their freedom this July 5th,” Rinehart said.


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