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There is no greater challenge facing our nation right now than crippling high inflation for 40 years. These tough economic times are forcing families to make tough financial decisions every day, whether it’s buying fewer groceries, putting less gas in the tank, or canceling a family vacation.

As millions of Americans struggle to make ends meet, Washington Democrats and President Biden are fueling the inflation crisis by spending hundreds of billions of dollars to advance their radical agenda and reward their political allies . They still haven’t learned their lesson after crashing the economy by passing their $2 trillion wasteful spending bill last year. And they’re still talking about a new package that would add hundreds of billions, if not trillions, in new spending.

But that’s just the funding they’re trying to get through Congress. Since President Biden took office, he has issued executive action after executive action to secretly set in motion his radical agenda. Alarmed by the executive overreach of this administration, I asked the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) to find out the true cost of its actions. What the CBO found should concern all Americans: With the stroke of a pen and no input from Congress, President Biden’s executive actions cost taxpayers $532 billion.

So how did President Biden spend $532 billion in public funds?

Let’s start with alms to the rich. President Biden has spent $85 billion to maintain a pandemic student loan payment moratorium for high-income earners. An overwhelming majority of Americans — 87% — don’t have federal student loans; 60% of student debt is held by households with incomes over $74,000. It is unacceptable that President Biden is considering yet another aid to the wealthy, this time spending an estimated $230 billion to forgive $10,000 in student loan debt for American households earning up to $300,000 a year.

Immigrants also benefit from President Biden’s executive actions. His administration squandered $20 billion to end Trump-era public charge restrictions on immigration, which prevented taxpayers from providing welfare benefits to immigrants. In addition to fueling the crisis at the border, his radical immigration agenda is costing taxpayers hundreds of billions of dollars.

As American workers struggle to put food on the table and clothes on their backs, President Biden has spent billions of dollars to remove work incentives for people who receive government assistance. With the stroke of a pen, President Biden threw away $11 billion in taxpayer funding by eliminating enhanced work requirements in the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) for able-bodied adults without dependents.

President Biden has been a disaster when it comes to supporting working families. Instead of wasting hundreds of billions of dollars cutting work incentives to benefit the wealthy, President Biden and the Democrats in Washington need to focus on solving the big challenges we face, like tackling inflation. , securing borders and getting our economy back on track.

Unfortunately, the left will stop at nothing to impose its radical agenda on American families. They believe they can protect vulnerable Washington Democrats in the November election by passing their $5 trillion Build Back Broke bill — this time breaking it up into smaller pieces.

Ultimately, Americans do not want — and absolutely cannot afford — the reckless spending of Washington Democrats. As your spokesperson in Washington, I will do everything I can to protect Missourians from wasteful spending by the left and the relentless attacks on our freedoms, values, and way of life.


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