Coronation Street Spoilers | Consequences of a car accident and summer cheats


The aftermath of the previous week’s shocking car accident continues to impact the residents of Weatherfield in the scenes to come – but what happens next? Elsewhere, Summer Spellman (Harriet Bibby) could be in big trouble when she takes a risk during an exam, leaving her pal Aadi Alahan (Adam Hussain) to blame.

George Shuttleworth (Tony Maudsley) is shaken to recognize Sean Tully’s (Antony Cotton) new beau Frank (played by ex-Brookside star Simon O’Brien) as a face from his past. Jenny Connor (Sally Ann Matthews) creates a new problem between her and her boyfriend Leo Thompkins (Joe Frost), while Cathy Matthews (Melanie Hill) feels deflated. And could young Max Turner (Paddy Bever) be ready for his first romance?

Here’s everything you can expect on Coronation Street from June 6 – 10, 2022.

1. The car accident continues to cause shock waves


As the streets come to terms with recent events, baby Alfie’s future becomes increasingly uncertain. With police beginning their investigations immediately, suspicions continue to mount over what or who may have caused the crash.

As the week progresses, police are still determined to shed light on what happened. But who is responsible? Early spoilers pointed to Abi (Sally Carman) and Kevin Webster (Michael Le Vell) being the first to be questioned, but you’ll have to keep watching to find out if they’re guilty. In the meantime, can those most affected by the situation recover?

2. Aadi is blamed for Summer’s cheating


After Summer’s latest diabetic emergency caused her to quit a recent exam, she’s still waiting to find out if a retake call will be successful. But she can still choose to take her final exam. While Aadi has kindly prepared some review cards for her, Summer makes a big mistake by hiding them in her blood sugar test kit in order to access them during the exam.

When Summer realizes the cards have fallen out of the kit, the overseer finds them on the floor. Unfortunately for Aadi, his handwriting is recognized and he is removed from the exam. As Summer hears her friend being accused of cheating. When the pair are called for meetings with Mrs. Crawshaw, will Summer be clear or will Aadi take the blame?

3. George’s unwanted outburst from the past


When newcomer Frank calls home for Sean, Eileen Grimshaw (Sue Cleaver) mistakes him for a dodgy salesman until Sean proves her right. He later introduces George to his new boyfriend – but George instantly recognizes Frank from his school days.

After a conversation with George, Eileen orders Frank to apologize, who accepts and tries to make peace. But is everything as it seems? What exactly was the problem between the couple and George satisfied with Frank’s words?

4. Jenny’s Dilemma


When Leo tells Jenny how much he loved brewing beer in the cellar, Jenny is inspired to make his house beer the Rovers’ new guest beer. But when she and Daisy Midgeley taste the beer for the first time, they find it tastes awful!

While Leo is excited about the beer tasting session, Jenny and Daisy find themselves in an awkward position. Will they explain everything or keep quiet to spare his feelings? Maybe Jenny should have tried the product before committing to selling it – but that would be way too easy for soapland!

5. Disappointment for Cathy


Brian Packham (Peter Gunn) takes his fully-dressed partner Cathy out for a date night. Only when she is led straight into the pub on the corner, she is unimpressed. The beer tasting event is Brian’s pick for their night out, and she was clearly hoping for something a little more exciting.

Later that week, Cathy spots papers in Brian’s bag, leaving her discouraged. But what did she find, and why exactly did it leave her so discouraged? We know star Hill, who plays Cathy, has to leave Corrie, does that mean a soap split is on the horizon?

6. A teenage romance for Max?


Troublesome Max seems to have finally turned a corner as he settles into the new school in the Student Reference Unit. And next week, a crush seems to be brewing as he helps classmate Sonya with her media studies homework. As they text, Sonya later agrees to go on a date with Max – so not necessarily just a crush after all!

Parents David (Jack P Shepherd) and Shona Platt (Julia Goulding) are amused as they watch the amorous Max smile at his phone. The teenager then prepares a surprise tea party for the couple, revealing that he is training to impress Sonya. Will his efforts pay off?

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