Doctor Who Thasmin will continue in Easter special, says Mandip Gill


After years of speculation, Doctor Who’s New Year Special Eve of the Daleks has confirmed that longtime series companion Yaz (played by Mandip Gill) has romantic feelings for the Doctor (Jodie Whittaker), following numerous clues that the couple could become more than just friends. .

Many fans on the internet have more or less exploded with excitement, and it looks like they have a lot to look forward to – while speaking to at the Radio Times Covers Party, Gill confirmed that the upcoming Easter special will continue the popular scenario.

“Yeah,” Gill told us when asked if the Doctor/Yaz romance would be touched on. “That’s where I think the heart [of the special] it is the understanding, the emotion that [showrunner Chris Chibnall] is so good at writing.

“So I won’t tell you which direction it’s going, but obviously we have to talk about it again – it wouldn’t make sense not to.”

Still, Gill also noted that it wasn’t the main thrust of the episode, which mostly focuses on the Doctor and his friends’ attempts to take on classic Who pirates and monsters The Sea Devils.

“I mean, it’s in the middle of everything that’s going on,” she said. “And you know, the sword fight with the Sea Devils and all that kind of stuff.”

After the New Year’s special, Gill noted that she wasn’t particularly surprised by the enthusiastic fan response, having seen viewers discuss the possibility of a Doctor/Yaz romance for years and at length.

“It was huge. But you know what, I had seen a lot on social media. So I had seen people’s reaction to it,” she told Us.

Mandip Gill and Jodie Whittaker on the set of Doctor Who BBC Studios/James Pardon

“I had seen people build this long before it was on screen and so on. So it’s kind of…it came naturally. It wasn’t that thing that was discovered on screen and then all of a sudden fans saw it. It was an integral part.

“I had seen fan art of it happening, I had seen people talking about it, I had seen people had rewritten like scripts and all that. So we say to ourselves: ‘OK, you asked for it’. And here it is.

“It was always exciting,” she added. “Seeing him was exciting. Watching him play was exciting.

All in all, it looks like fans invested in this budding relationship will have something to savor in Legend of the Sea Devils. While there’s only one episode left featuring Whittaker and Gill to air after, it could be more of a fleeting romance…

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Doctor Who: Legend of the Sea Devils arrives on BBC One and BBC iPlayer on Sunday 17 April. For more, check out our science fiction page or our full TV guide.


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