Flooding affects GF/EGF and surrounding areas


The National Weather Service predicts a 48.5-foot ridge in Grand Forks – East Grand Forks this week. The flood level is 28.

Due to predicted flooding in northwestern Minnesota, Governor Tim Walz declared a peacetime emergency and authorized the Minnesota National Guard to provide emergency flood operations support, including personnel , equipment and resources.

The Point Bridge on Minnesota Ave. was closed at 1 p.m. on Sunday, April 24and.

The Sorlie Bridge on Demers Avenue is still open at this time. The Grand Forks and East Grand Forks crews expect the Sorlie Bridge to close sometime on Monday.

The Kennedy Bridge is expected to remain open at projected river levels. The Kennedy Bridge is only impacted at 52 feet

The closure of Riverside Park on the N. 1st St. was installed. 27and Avenue N. was closed on the slide. Shadyridge Road is currently closed with S. Shadyridge Rd. expected to close early Monday. First responder crews will be setting up equipment in this neighborhood as they will be cut off when both roads are closed.

The Grand Forks Wastewater Treatment Plant is still operating at full capacity. On Saturday, the plant pumped 26 million gallons, or 3 times normal operation. The plant is expected to pump 18 million gallons on Sunday. Residents are still asked to limit their water consumption for the next few days.

In EGF, flood walls are also being installed which will close River Road at 17th Street NW, 12th Avenue NW and in the city center near the Veterans Memorial on 4th Street NW . The City asks residents to reduce or restrict water use when the sanitation system is operating near or at full capacity. Mayor Gander has declared a state of emergency due to flooding. The Greenway system is closed due to rising river levels.

The Minnesota Department of Transportation and the Minnesota State Patrol have issued a road closure on Highway 317 from Highway 220 to the North Dakota border due to water on the road. Highway 220 is also closed from Highway 1 to Marshall County Road 5. Highways will remain closed until further notice and traffic should seek alternate routes.

Highways that remain closed:

  • Hwy 92 from Hwy 59 at Brooks to Hwy 32
  • Highway 220 from Highway 1 to Marshall County Road 5
  • Highway 317 from Highway 220 to the North Dakota border

Highways that remain open, but currently have water on the road:

  • Hwy 2 Crookston (east of Jackson Ave)
  • Highway 92 north of Zerkel

At Crookston, sandbagging efforts are underway as the Red Lake River is expected to crest early this week at 28.5ft – which would be a new record.


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