Free DEI Assessment Offered to Businesses in Iowa City and Cedar Rapids


A coalition of economic development organizations working on diversity, equity and inclusion in the Iowa City-Cedar Rapids corridor is offering a free assessment tool to area businesses.

Stefanie Munsterman, ICR’s inclusive co-chair, said the group had created a DEI index in response to companies asking for help. “They want to know what our baseline is, what are we doing right now?” said Munsterman. “What are our areas of opportunity? What are the challenge areas? How can we do better? What are we doing well, and what resources can we have to continue growing on the DEI journey? »

Munsterman says the free DEI Index will help show companies where they may be struggling with diversity and inclusion, and afterward, they will have access to resources from Inclusive ICR. “This is where we can look at the library of online resources we’re building,” she says, “which will feature local, regional and national tools, and to connect them to specialist strategists in the DEI space.”

Munsterman says the library has affordable options businesses can take to improve, such as working on community outreach and supporting underrepresented groups. The index is available until May 13.

(By Catherine Wheeler, Iowa Public Radio)


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