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(By Randy Lane) The bad news for radio: downsizing continues, revenues have not caught up to pre-Covid levels, commercial costs remain too high, listening is declining, especially among young people, music is falling is commoditized and our old medium is no longer considered cool. Ouch!

The good news: Radio has survived a series of technological disruptions, including television, MTV, iPod, social media, podcasts and music streaming services. In recent years, a trend has emerged that plays on the strength of radio – humanity.

In the last week Entrepreneur, Jonathan Law has written about how brands seen as more human enjoy multiple benefits, including greater consumer engagement and long-term loyalty. The Jacobs Media Tech Survey reveals that personalities are now the main reason people listen to the radio. The personalities are the direct link of the radio stations with the listeners.

Additionally, several studies have shown that one of radio’s greatest strengths is camaraderie. It is often said that radio is the original social media. Now is the time to take advantage and challenge many radio conventions and humanize your brand.

Five easy ways to humanize radio:

  1. 24/7 personalities: High profile morning and afternoon shows are flourishing across North America. It goes without saying that the personalities will also work in all the slices of the day. Content segments would be shorter with more music than players.

    Now Radio Edmonton kills it in the rankings with this 24/7 model. Now Radio hosts provide companionship by constantly interacting with listeners via callers, texts and posts on history topics in all parts of the day.

  2. Host and Listener Stories Instantly generate interest, empathy and intrigue… what happens next? Stories build trust with the audience because you are sharing experiences.

    Topics like “the worst boss stories” or “has this ever happened to you?” generate responses and listening experiences. For several other ways to get callers on your show, check out Jeff McHugh’s blog “Getting calls from listeners in 2022.”

  3. Camaraderie: Stay present with listeners. Rather than running all the imagery produced in musical sweeps, largely replace it with live or voice-tracked personalities offering teasing, song intros, and image copycats.
  4. Use your trusted voices to broadcast imagery messages on generic out-of-market voiceovers.
  5. Connect to your community: The call of pertinent local content increased before the pandemic. Engaging with listeners is a great way to instantly connect with your community. Be the voice of your market and observe listener loyalty.

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