Keysight Open Radio Access Network Architect meets critical validation requirements


Keysight Technologies announced that Keysight Open Radio Access Network Architect (KORA) test solutions are moving to cloud-based deployment for improved flexibility and rapid deployment.

Additionally, the company’s LoadCore software for testing 5G Core (5GC) is now available as a pay-as-you-go (PAYG) solution on AWS Marketplace to allow customers to scale costs as they go.

AWS Marketplace is a digital catalog that enables customers to find, purchase, deploy, and manage third-party software, data, and services for enterprise solutions and manage their business on Amazon Web Services (AWS).

KORA is Keysight’s test solution suite that verifies the functionality and performance of the end-to-end O-RAN wireless infrastructure. Part of KORA, Keysight’s LoadCore 5GC test software enables customers to perform network capacity tests, measure device data throughput, and model a wide variety of end-user behaviors and mobility scenarios . A scalable 5GC network performance validation solution, LoadCore can verify that the delivered connectivity service remains stable under various demanding conditions such as sudden spikes in network usage caused by disasters or other major events.

New cloud-based delivery model for Keysight

“As a cloud-based pay-as-you-go offering, users can immediately purchase and provision KORA testing solutions to meet their testing needs,” said Kalyan Sundhar, vice president and general manager of 5G Edge to Core solutions at Keysight. “This is an exciting new delivery model that gives customers the flexibility and scalability to use Keysight’s test solutions in the environment they want, in the cloud.

Keysight’s new cloud-based solutions provide customers with the following key benefits:

  • Immediate availability and compatibility with cloud development environments
  • Scalable on demand to meet changing requirements with a wide range of configurations for different test environments
  • Annual subscription option for customers with heavy LoadCore usage for an extended period.

Additionally, LoadCore 5GC test software with a flexible PAYG business model will be available to a wide variety of new customers, including:

  • Enterprise customers wishing to verify their private 5G networks
  • Startups that need flexibility with specific testing requirements
  • Clients with shorter duration project needs, such as trial homes
  • Organizations that want to purchase and test cloud-first solutions to align with their current workflows


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