LeGeyt joins Sirius’ fight. Will anyone hear it?


It would certainly be nice if all the major radio companies supported a national brand campaign, not just to fight against the marketing that SiriusXM gives to the industry, but to defend itself in the court of public opinion. PSA talks radio power at 3am, don’t cut it.

Will the radio industry ever show a little national fight? Why not retaliate violently against SiriusXM’s almost daily email marketing campaigns that feel like they’re begging for customers? Or how the minute a consumer calls to cancel, a carrier can offer them months of free service lest their subscriber numbers dwindle. Or how many cars “with the service” installed are never even activated.

Maybe you even forget to mention Sirius and focus on a little national self-promotion of the power of radio, especially during emergencies, school shootings, local elections, etc.

NAB CEO Curtis Legeyt entered the fight yesterday, defending the radio in a new blog post. It came a day after the RAB responded to SiriusXM’s nationwide marketing campaign that said consumers were wasting their time with AM/FM radio. While it’s great to see both professional radio organizations standing up for the industry, is anyone outside of our own bubble even going to hear about it. At least NAB and RAB are doing something!

Below is what Legeyt wrote in his article titled “SiriusXM is completely wrong about the radio“, which was posted on the NAB website. If we see the article, or part of it, picked up by outside media, we’ll be sure to write a follow-up article about it.

(By Curtis LeGeyt) “As the most listened to audio platform, broadcasting is no stranger to our competitors envying the popularity and connection we enjoy with Americans. That’s why SiriusXM’s new marketing campaign aimed directly at local radio should come as no surprise.

“Armed with the slogan”Why waste your time with AM/FM radio?“SiriusXM is trying to woo new subscribers by denigrating the unique free streaming service provided by radio to tens of millions of Americans in communities across the country. Instead of turning a blind eye to SiriusXM’s dishonest efforts, c t is an opportunity for radio to continue to shine a light on the incredible role we play in entertaining, informing and engaging listeners.

“Broadcast radio continues to be the primary platform for people to connect to listen to hit music, their favorite DJs, the latest songs from today’s hottest musicians and new tunes. emerging artists. Yet what really sets us apart is the connection we provide listeners with their neighbors and communities. No other audio platform is locally based in the cities and towns we serve. Broadcast radio is the voice of local communities, providing news, information and programs that meet local needs and interests.

“There is no better demonstration of the importance of radio localism than in the event of a disaster. In an emergency, Americans are not advised to turn to SiriusXM for vital information. They won’t get emergency alerts, hear up-to-the-minute reports, or know where to get help on Pandora or Spotify. No other audio medium can duplicate our service when lives are at risk.

“Broadcasting is also an engine for economic activity. When local businesses want to advertise their products and services, local radio stations offer them an affordable way to advertise and reach consumers who live in their area.

“Broadcasters have also embraced the innovation to extend our local service to Americans wherever and whenever they want. Many stations are simulcasting their shows online, helping listeners connect through their mobile devices and smart speakers. Broadcasters are leveraging their audio expertise through podcasting, providing expanded programming, serialized storytelling, and a platform for unique community voices.

“And let’s not forget that broadcast radio provides all of these services for FREE. Unlike our competitors, listeners don’t need to fork out a monthly subscription, buy a program, or afford an expensive mobile data plan. Our listeners know that we are always on, always there and always free.

“When SiriusXM and our competitors try to tell this story that the best days of broadcasting are behind them, that’s the story we need to tell. These are the facts that policymakers, advertisers and, most importantly, our tens of millions of listeners need to hear.

“NAB is working hard in Washington to ensure lawmakers and regulators understand the importance of local radio to their constituents. They must also understand that our competitors are not subject to the same regulatory constraints, which puts broadcasters on an uneven playing field and compromises our ability to continue to serve local communities with high-quality news and information.

“NAB is also working with automakers to strengthen the historic relationship between broadcasting and the car. NAB’s Auto Committee is dedicated to maximizing radio’s place in the digital dashboard and ensuring an innovative and enjoyable experience for passengers. who want to listen to their favorite local stations.PILOT, NAB’s innovation wing, is also advancing broadcast technologies and pushing new partnerships to help radio realize its full potential in the automobiles of the future.

“NAB’s longstanding experience We are broadcasters The campaign focuses on educating policy makers and the public about the essential role of local broadcasting. The campaign tells our story through public service announcements, examples of local stations’ impact on their communities, and first-hand testimonials from broadcasters about their important work.

“While NAB is effective at communicating the vital role of broadcasters in local communities, we know that broadcasters themselves are the best at delivering this message. No one knows how much Americans rely on local broadcasters like those who provide this service day in and day out. Our industry is blessed with an exceptional base, with broadcasters ranging from station owners to local journalists eager to tell our story and the good work we do every day.

“Broadcast Radio is here every day to serve our communities and provide unparalleled service to our listeners, all for free. This is the story that we need to continue to tell and that will help us continue to stand out from the crowd.


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