LMPD will now delay public access to radio transmissions by 15 minutes


LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WAVE) – The Louisville Metro Police Department has added a 15-minute delay before their transmissions are heard by the public or the media.

LMPD Deputy Chief Paul Humphrey said the changes to their radio system were for public safety only.

“Our old radio system was outdated,” Humphrey said. “We had no more equipment. We needed to modernize. »

Humphrey said it’s a way to keep crucial information out of the wrong hands for a bit longer, and it also helps police keep people safe.

Deputy Chief Paul Humphrey of the Louisville Metro Police Department.(Source: John Watson, WAVE News)

He said people would always get all the information eventually from the online app, Broadcastify.

“The information will not be edited and it will still come out the same as before,” Humphrey said. “Everything will be done through the app.”

Broadcastify is a paid app. You can find versions of it on the App Store or on a web browser.

Traditional police scanners will no longer pick up LMPD frequencies. These channels have been further encrypted. The LMPD said other police departments in the state use a similar system. Not everyone is late.

In recent years, LMPD has made efforts to be more transparent. Dep. Chef Humphrey was asked about the transparency of this new venture.

“It’s about making sure we can get resources out there to protect a scene, to protect people and make sure that scene is contained,” Humphrey said. “So it’s not so much about keeping information as it is about making sure a scene is contained and safe for those who come out.”

Although LMPD Radio Traffic is only available using the app, you can still listen to channels from other Jefferson County agencies, such as Fire, EMS, and Police Departments such as Shively and Saint Matthews.

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