Muhoozi launches radio station in West Nile; warns against domestic violence


Senior Presidential Adviser in charge of Special Operations, Lt Gen Muhoozi Kainerugaba officiated this Saturday at the opening of Radio-Voice of Madi in Madi Kollo-West Nile district.

Muhoozi, who was accompanied by his wife, Mrs. Charlotte Kainerugaba, applauded the people of Madi for their “strong support for the government and the UPDF, especially when we had operations in the area”.

The host and MP for the region, the Honorable Joan Okia, government officials and other senior leaders from the general West Nile region attended the ceremony.

La Voix de Madi was launched this Saturday

Muhoozi thanked Hon Okia for “bringing the very first radio to Madi” and encouraged people to use it to “promote economic development in their region, as opposed to hate programs and discrimination”.

He also called on the people of West Nile to utilize the vast lands for agriculture and other economic development activities that can change and improve their livelihoods.

Muhoozi and Charlotte who are in Canada for their child’s graduation

He said now that the city of Arua was going to have an industrial park, “technical education is very important for the youth of West Nile if they want to benefit from the employment opportunities in the industrial park”.

Muhoozi also announced a contribution of Shs 30m to India Technical Institute in Madi Kollo.

The money is intended to equip the institute with modern equipment.

Muhoozi also warned his peers about the domestic violence that is rampant in Madi region.

Muhoozi delivering his speech at the ceremony

He said he had been married to Charlotte for 23 years but had never touched her.

“You should pick a leaf,” Muhoozi said.


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