Neighbors’ Jane and Mike romantic arc made the perfect final twist


As Neighbors concluded tonight after 37 years on the air, there was no doubt that tears were welling up among the soap opera’s army of fans around the world. But for regulars on Ramsay Street, it was time to a warm reunion – and one in particular struck a real chord.

When it was first revealed that Guy Pearce would be reprising his role as Mike Young, those who remembered the character from his initial 80s stint will of course have noted his early romance with Jane Harris (played by Annie Jones). But little did we know that the last-minute magic the neighbors promised would include reuniting the couple for good.

Best of all, their story was executed flawlessly, with a soft approach that avoided making the development look forced in any way. Far from being stuck in the last episodes, Mike had returned to Erinsborough with his daughter Sam (Henrietta Graham), whom viewers already knew as an assistant at the Lassiters hotel.

Pearce and co-star Graham are real-life family friends, the former recently revealed; and from the start, we were won over by their sweet on-screen relationship.

Mike was delighted to see Jane again after so long. (Ch5/Fremantle) Ch5/Fremantle

Things took a crucial turn when Mike bumped into Jane. She was stunned, as he shyly whispered to Sam “it’s Jane!” Clearly since Mike’s amicable divorce, he was thinking about his teenage love! Sam quickly felt like helping them reconnect, inviting Jane over for a drink.

Later, Jane took Mike to visit Ramsay Street, and they reminisced about some good memories. Then, when Jane lost one of her contact lenses, she put on a spare pair of glasses; and the smile on Mike’s face said it all. “She’s there!” he said, full of affection as Jane played up to her former status as “Plain Jane Superbrain”.

A flashback appeared of Jane, post-makeover during their dating days; but Mike reminded her that even then he had always thought she was beautiful with or without glasses. “You always do,” he added. This dose of nostalgia was the perfect backdrop, seamlessly blending two eras in a wonderful and fitting homage.

Jane, Paul, Harold, Charlene in the neighbors

“Plain Jane Superbrain” made her happy forever. (Ch5/Fremantle)

Of course, there was still the unresolved matter of a jealous Clive Gibbons (Geoff Paine), who was desperate to make amends with Jane after her recent lies. Clive suspected that Mike had returned only to reconnect with his ex; but there was no malice involved here – just another reason why it worked so well.

After a tantrum, Clive eventually comes to terms with the fact that his relationship with Jane was over, clearing the way for Mike to reach out to Jane once again. But she was scared and unsure, following recent worries that she turned into her nan, Mrs. Mangel (Vivean Gray).

She also admitted to trying to find who she was, but knew she was a completely different person now. It gave Mike the opportunity to be honest about his own life, as he confessed to being “a mess” after his split from Sam’s mother. With Mike and Jane opening up about their own experiences, it’s not was not a superficial and rushed meeting.

Mike revealed he was still in love with Jane, but asked if they could take things slow. He had made an offer on Chloe Brennan’s (April Rose Pengilly) home, so now they had the time and space to explore a renewed relationship. As Jane tearfully embraced Mike, she wasn’t the only one moved by his touching speech.

All of the other romantic reconciliations the neighbors had teased seemed to be obvious by the time we reached the finale — and there was nothing wrong with that. But it was the unexpected twist in Jane and Mike’s love story that had the biggest impact.

The spoilers may have hinted to us that Jane and Mike would share a lot of screen time, but the way the story unfolded was something special that the teasers could never have done justice.

With a stunning return performance from Pearce, whose dynamic with co-star Jones was stronger than ever, the scenes were authentic and gripping throughout.

Saying goodbye to Neighbors with a host of homecomings and happily ever after was an absolute must, and the show pulled it off with a comeback that just might top the list as the happiest soap comeback of them all. the temperature.

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