NH trash plan available for public comment


New Hampshire’s plan for dealing with waste was last updated nearly two decades ago, in 2003.

But one new draft from the state Department of Environmental Services is now available for public comment, ahead of the October deadline for regulators to submit their plan.

The plan sets out the goals and actions that New Hampshire should take to achieve a goal, established by state law, of reducing solid waste by 45% by 2050. The eight goals outlined in the plan include the reducing the amount and toxicity of solid waste, maximizing diversion, ensuring sufficient waste capacity for waste generated within the state, developing local markets for waste diversion, such as recycling, encouraging infrastructure and practices that support state and federal climate change initiatives and find sustainable funding sources to support the initiatives.

Department of Environmental Services

New Hampshire’s waste management hierarchy focuses first on diverting waste from landfills.

The plan focuses on five different strategies to achieve these goals, from legislative and regulatory updates to public awareness and incentive programs.

These efforts could include consideration of legislation that would address the use of chemicals as SPFA in carpets, clothing and food packaging, which then end up in landfills or explore incentives for municipalities that find ways to divert specific waste from landfills, such as recycling polypropylene or plastic films.

Unlike previous plans, the focus on addressing climate change and environmental justice is new. “This will help ensure that New Hampshire’s waste management system mitigates and adapts to worsening climate change, while addressing environmental justice issues.”

This work could include translating awareness materials into other languages ​​and promoting equitable access to reuse and recycling opportunities.

Governor Chris Sununu signed a law earlier this year which prohibits state agents to issue permits for new landfills and landfill expansion until the state’s solid waste management plan is updated.

Closing of public comments August 26 at 16 o’clock. A copy of the draft plan can be viewed here.


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