On Nevada Radio, Jim Marchant Launched Bizarre and Messy Conspiracy Theories About the ‘Cabala’


A Nevada radio show has been a platform for supporting Republican Secretary of State Jim Marchant’s bizarre and messy election conspiracy theories. In his appearances, Marchant exposed a global conspiracy of bankers controlling “everything” in the world; presumptive Democrats and Republicans have “installed whoever they want” in Nevada since 2008; and claimed that a ‘cabal’ deliberately destroyed the country, including through COVID-19, so they could ‘rebuild it as they wished’.

Marchant leads an “America First” candidate coalition, made up of Republicans who support the lie that the 2020 election was stolen from Donald Trump and seek offices that oversee voting in their respective states. Marchant and his coalition have also collaborated with QAnon conspiracy theorists.

Marchant frequently appears in the Reno, Nevada-based program America Matters with Eddie Floyd. On the show, which airs on KFOY and streams live on Facebook, Marchant is given carte blanche to espouse election conspiracy theories and promote his campaign. (Facebook frequently hosts election misinformation and conspiracy theories.) Host Eddie Floyd also misrepresents Marchant as an expert on voting issues, saying at one point, “No one, I think, knows more about technology and history of what happened with Dominion [voting machines] than you.” Marchant and Floyd have a financial connection: Marchant paid Floyd’s company America Matters Media $1,413 between July 1, 2021 and February 27, 2022 for advertising expenses, according to campaign finance records from the Nevada.

In Marchant’s account, there is a “socialist”, “communist” and “globalist” “cabal” that is responsible for the election rigging. At the top of this conspiracy is the World Economic Forum, a group of “elitist globalists who control everything” in the world, including President Joe Biden.

According to Marchant, the “cabal” is responsible for various sins, including rigging every election since 2008 in Nevada and exporting that model to the rest of the country; register the “illegals” at the DMV and then collect their ballots; install Barack Obama as president; buy off countless Republican officials; deliberately destroying the country, including through COVID-19, so that he can rebuild it to his specifications; and rigging the 2020 vote through the use of Dominion voting machines.

Marchant’s allegations are bizarre given that while he claims “in Nevada, we haven’t elected anyone since 2006” because of vote rigging, he won a seat in the Nevada State Assembly in 2016 Marchant also recently won his Republican primary (he has always had doubts about the outcome). He also attempted to explain the presence of red states by claiming that they only exist to make cabal cheating not “too obvious”. Nor was the cabal powerful enough to stop Donald Trump winning in 2016.

Media Matters previously reported that Marchant used his America Matters platform to voice support for a proposal requiring voters to re-register. The show’s hosts praised Marchant and failed to explain to listeners that such a plan would violate federal law and was a mechanism by Jim Crow segregationists who used it to keep black people from voting.

The Pro-Election Lies Program America Matters frequently featured Jim Marchant election conspiracy theories. Here are several:

Marchant claimed that “we haven’t elected anyone since 2006” in Nevada because all of those elections were “rigged” and Obama was “installed by the communist socialist cabal.” From October 18, 2021:


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