Radio journalist wins seat in federal parliament


Radio and television journalist Zoe Daniel defeated incumbent Liberal MP Tim Wilson in Victoria.

Amid an overwhelming vote for independent candidates across Australia, Zoe Daniel claimed victory in Goldstein’s seat.

With 70% of the votes counted, the ABC journalist had a clear lead with 53% of the vote and an 11% swing against the outgoing Liberal Party candidate.

Incumbent Tim Wilson blamed an “unholy alliance” of independents…and the ABC “for his loss in a live cross during the count early last night after the polls closed.

Zoe Daniel has been an ABC reporter and foreign correspondent for decades.

Moving from journalism to politics, Zoe Daniel’s message resonated with her planned career move: “It’s time to stop being an observer…I found my voice”

She joined a wave of independents who knocked many liberals out of their seats.

In Zoe Daniel’s profile, she describes herself as “a mom, wife, journalist and foreign correspondent.”

She lives in the Melbourne suburb of Hampton with my husband, 2 teenagers and their dog Tully.

“In nearly 30 years of reporting, I have covered natural disasters, conflict, economics and politics, and all kinds of news around the world. I have seen the impact of climate change in the Arctic firsthand, and have covered floods, typhoons and bushfires on four continents, including Australia,” Daniel said in his address to voters.

“I have been a rural and regional journalist, business and finance journalist and foreign affairs specialist, interviewing and interacting with Prime Ministers, Treasurers and some of Australia’s top CEOs and small entrepreneurs.

“I have waited, like many, for our governments to develop costed and structured strategies to protect our community and our economy, to innovate and seize the immense business and job opportunities offered by a renewable climate economy. In short, lead.

She campaigned on a platform to “represent the hotspot”, her main concerns being: climate action, the economy, a federal commission for women’s integrity and equality and safety.

“I never intended to be a politician, but I now believe that electing an independent is the only way to achieve [the goals]”, she says.


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