Sherwood boss explains Robbie Platt development


On tonight’s episode of Sherwood, Scott Rowley continued to terrorize the residents of Ashfield as police failed to capture Fred and Cathy’s son who was wielding a crossbow.

While officers were busy searching the surrounding forests, he snuck into Julie Jackson’s house, directly across from his own house, where he had a mooch around before changing the name on his game console. grandson in Robbie Platt.

When Noah alerted Julie to what had happened, her face instantly dropped.

Where had she found that name? And how does Robbie Platt impact the story going forward?

Gary Jackson (Alun Armstrong). BBC/House Productions/Matt Squire

Who is Robbie Platt?

Upon hearing that name, Julie immediately rushed upstairs and pulled a box full of photographs, documents and newspaper clippings from under her bed, all of which had been gathered by her husband Gary. Julie dug up her notebook and flipped through its pages until she came across the name Robbie Platt next to the words “Stolen Identities” and “Who?”.

Before Gary was murdered, he conducted his own investigation into the identity of an undercover policeman who arrived in the area during the miners’ strike, where they were gathering information on those involved in the industrial action, like Gary, and turn him over to the authorities.

Unlike the rest of the officers who had been enlisted, this mysterious individual remained and remains in the village to this day.

Speaking to, Sherwood creator James Graham said: “As we go through the show we start to dig more into this undercover police mystery and rumor that which there is a ‘spycop’ that was planted in the village during the 1980s miners strike, but stayed and live out their fictional identity.

“Someone the public has already met is going to be revealed as someone who was in a role and has been in a role for 40 years, and we’re going to try to explore why someone might.

“Robbie Platt is the fictional name of one of the spies who came and controlled the strike, and over the next two episodes it spirals out of control pretty quickly.”

The region still bears the scars of those tragic and destabilizing events that took place in the 1980s, with families and friendships torn apart and unable to recover. But with a new tragedy to face and the promise of more following the inevitable unveiling of the “spycop”, any shred of hope is quickly vanishing.

Sherwood continues Tuesday, June 21 at 9 p.m. on BBC One. Check out more of our drama coverage or visit our TV guide to see what’s on tonight.

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