Spotify Radio not working or playing only 1-3 songs


Since its launch, Spotify has established itself as one of the most popular music streaming services in the world.

Spotify was one of those emerging services that saved users all the work of searching and downloading songs or albums from different sources. Now much of their favorite artists’ discography is at your fingertips.

Spotify offers multiple features that enrich the experience. For example, Spotify Radio is a kind of playlist-based “music experience” where all the songs have the same “mood”.

The vibe of Spotify Radio playlists is set by the same artists. That said, it looks like the feature isn’t working properly at the moment.

Spotify Radio not working or playing only 1-3 songs

According to several reports, the Spotify Radio feature has behaved erratically over the past few hours.

To access the ‘Spotify Radio’ of a particular artist or band, the user only needs to look for the ‘Go to Song Radio’ option while a song is playing.

Playlists usually contain around 50 songs. But currently, there is an issue where Spotify Radio only plays 1-3 songs in most cases.


Spotify Song Radio only plays 1-3 songs?

This morning my Song Radio was working perfectly, with all 50 tracks playing based on the musical styles of Lizzo’s “Juice”. Tonight when I tried to continue listening to this playlist because I enjoyed it so much, it had been reduced to just 2 songs.

So I checked, and it turns out that each song I try to start a song radio for only loads one to three songs. I cleared my cache, deleted and redownloaded the app, updated my iPad and iPhone, and neither of them will play a Song Radio playlist beyond 1-3 songs .

Apparently, the problem only affects the Spotify mobile app, as everything seems to work fine from the PC version. Also, typical troubleshooting (clearing cache, deleting the app, and reinstalling) doesn’t work as a fix.

When you create a playlist by clicking on a song and go to the radio, Spotify only generates 1-4 songs at most. Tried on several different genres of varying popularity and consistency of 1-4 songs prevails.

I tried on PC and this problem does not exist. I’ve already logged out, cleared cache, deleted the app, and restarted things. It also appears on other Apple devices in the same household with the same family plan. No issues with wifi/connections either.

No official recognition from the Spotify team yet

As of this writing, there is no official acknowledgment of the issue from the Spotify team. It is therefore not yet known whether they are aware of the situation.

We’ll update this story as new developments on the matter emerge.

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