SSES will get a new access control system


2 New Members Selected for Sulfur Springs ISD Concussion Surveillance Team

New Access System for Sulfur Springs Elementary, Amended TASB Agreement, Concussion Monitoring Team and Election Services Changes for Election Bond Approved by Independent School District Board of Trustees of Sulfur Springs at the regular meeting earlier this week.

Sulfur Springs ISD Board of Directors

Access control

Sulfur Springs ISD maintenance director Dan Froneberger reminded the school board that the district is slowly replacing access controls on every campus. Currently, Sulfur Springs Elementary, Austin Academic Center, and the Administration Building still need upgrades. SSES is planning a new access control this year. Funding for the upgrade is in the budget.

Dan Froneberger, SSISD Maintenance Manager

Froneberger recommended accepting the $69,946.24 proposal from Allied Universal, the company that has supplied all new equipment and upgrades to the district for the past five years and their components are interchangeable with those of all the schools.

The maintenance manager said the work could be completed as soon as Allied can mobilize and get to the school. All the wiring is there, the control system just needs to be replaced. The work is low-key and can be done while school is in session.

The board elected to follow Froneberger’s recommendation to use budgeted funding to hire Allied Universal to replace the access control system at SSES.

Concussion Surveillance Team

Assistant Superintendent Josh Williams presented the school board, on behalf of Tammy Carrell, with recommendations to replace two members of the concussion monitoring team.

Texas Education Code 38.15(a) states that school districts whose students participate in interscholastic athletic activity must have a concussion surveillance team, which includes at least one physician as well as one or more athletic trainers , advanced practice nurse, neuropsychologist or medical assistant. If the district has an athletic trainer, that trainer should be part of the concussion surveillance team.

Members must have training to assess, treat and supervise concussions at the time of appointment or approval as a team member. Each member must also complete a training course at least once every two years and submit timely proof of completion to the Superintendent or designate in accordance with TEC 38.158 and 38.154.
Carrell recommended that Dewayne McMeans, who is retiring, be removed from the team and replaced by Mike Meador, and that Dr. IL Balkcom, who has moved his practice to another city, be replaced by Dr. Chris Meltsakos, CHRISTUS Orthopedic Surgeon.

The board agreed to remove McMeans and Balkcom and add Meador and Meltsakos to the team.
The concussion monitoring team now consists of athletic trainer Tammy Carrell; Director of athletic facilities Mike Meador as the school representative and Meltsakos as the doctor.

Electoral services

Sandra Gibby, SSISD Elections Manager, presented for approval to the Board of Directors at the April 11 meeting a contract with Hopkins County for election services for the May 7, 2022 SSISD Bond election.

(Left) Sandra Gibby, Sulfur Springs ISD Tax Collector/Elections Officer

Gibby said the total outsourcing costs for voting equipment to host the election will not be known until after the election. The contract describes the duties and responsibilities for which each entity is responsible.

The costs will include for the voting center used, the paper ballots to be ordered, the electoral kits, the programming costs which will come from the supplier via invoice, the rental of the voting equipment belonging to the county (13 controllers for the judge, 14 touchscreen access units for people with disabilities, 50 electronic voting machines and a scanner for postal ballots sent by mail.

The board approved the contract along with shared costs to conduct an election for the $93 million bond proposal. Also on the ballot with 2 proposed amendments to the Texas Constitution.

Voters in Sulfur Springs will have the opportunity to vote in person during the May 7 election from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. from May 25 to May 3, with extended hours from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. on April 26, April 28 , as well as from noon to 5 p.m. on May 1, at the Early Voting Center, located in the Precinct 2 Justice of the Peace Courtroom, inside the Hopkins County Annex Building at 128 Suit G Jefferson St. Election Day voting will take place from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. on May 7 at the six polling locations consolidated: Sulfur Springs Middle School, Justice of the Peace Precinct 2 Courtroom, First Floor Courtroom at Hopkins County Courthouse, West Hall at Hopkins County Civic Center, Meeting Room inside Cumby Municipal Building (City Hall) and Como-Pickton CISD Art Hall.

A public meeting will be held at 7:00 p.m. on Monday, April 18, 2022 in the council chambers inside the SSISD Administration Building, 631 Connally Street. Superintendent Michael Lamb will present information and answer questions from community members about the bond election and what the funding would be used for.

other business

Sherry McGraw, Commercial Director of Sulfur Springs ISD

School commissioners also approved the amended interlocal participation agreement with the TASB Risk Management Fund for Unemployment Services. The contract was last amended in 2012. This is the first time the agreement has been truly updated since 2012. The main changes, according to SSISD Commercial Director Sherry McGraw, are that it will is a more wordy document and describes in more detail how a dispute. The agreement provides for attorneys the district can work with.

Minutes of the March 7 board meeting and consent agenda, items considered routine by the board and passed in one motion, were also approved by the directors. The consent program included tax credits and supplements, outstanding tax collections, financial statements and bills payable for March 2022; and the Quarterly Investment Report for the three months ending February 28, 2022.


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