Stewards: Ferrari’s Sainz radio messages ‘grossly incorrect’


Monaco Grand Prix stewards have warned of stiff penalties in Formula 1 qualifying if drivers repeat an “unacceptable” interference fault by Carlos Sainz in final practice.

Sainz was reprimanded and Ferrari was fined €25,000 for getting in the way of Lance Stroll in FP3.

Ferrari driver Sainz was setting up a lap as Stroll completed a pushing lap – Stroll rounded around Yuki Tsunoda, who was in the pits, but ran into Sainz as he pulled a gap between the Rascasse exit and the final corner.

In a hard-hitting report from the FIA ​​stewards, Ferrari was criticized for giving Sainz “a series of grossly incorrect messages” over the radio about discrepancies with the cars behind.

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Sainz was accused of almost stopping “completely” at the racing line.

“The stewards do not know why such misleading information was given to the driver, who felt there was no car directly behind him,” the stewards said.

“Due to the poor rear visibility on this part of the circuit, the driver relied entirely on the messages from the team.

“Notwithstanding the above, it was noted that the driver of car 55 almost came to a stop on the circuit.

“This is unacceptable and therefore the sanction of a reprimand is imposed.

“We note that similar behavior by any driver during qualifying can result in much harsher penalties.”

Sainz was involved in another near miss with the other Aston Martin in FP3.

Sebastian Vettel had just started a flying lap and as he reached the top of the hill, where visibility deteriorated before Massenet, he encountered Sainz who was rolling slowly on the left just before entering the corner.

Sainz had just come out of the pits. The stewards determined at FP3 that this did not merit investigation, but felt compelled to include it in Sainz’s Stroll’s report of the breach.

They said: “It is also noted that a similar situation occurred in relation to the incident involving Car 5 later in the session, where once again incorrect information was passed by the team to the driver, and again the driver of car 55 was driving more slowly which can be considered reasonable given the location and circumstances.

Zhou Guanyu received a lesser sentence for his own offense in FP3. He received an official warning and Alfa Romeo was fined €10,000 for unnecessarily inconveniencing Max Verstappen.

Stewards found that Alfa Romeo informed Zhou of Nicholas Latifi’s approach, but did not mention Verstappen, meaning Zhou “properly let Car 6 through, but being unaware of the approach of car 1 which was also approaching, unnecessarily hindered this car”.

They said Alfa Romeo admitted it was at fault and, “given the lack of rearward visibility in various parts of this circuit”, opted to impose a lesser penalty.

The contrast in the language used by the stewards’ report for this incident compared to Sainz’s is stark – and it even references Sainz’s incident with Stroll.

“The stewards emphasize the importance of precise and timely communication between teams and their drivers, and note that drivers should be careful about where they position their cars and at their respective speeds during qualifying,” they said. they stated.

“The stewards impose a lesser fine in this case, than that of document 39 [Sainz]because in this case there was a lack of information, in the first case there was significant misinformation.

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