The Critical Review of Communications – CCW 2022



Sepura has launched its first VHF TETRA radios, providing a solution for critical users in challenging conditions such as extensive underground networks and extensive and remote outdoor environments.

Sepura’s VHF solution fills a notable gap in the market for quality TETRA VHF radios, complementing TETRA’s reliability, safety and mission-critical protocols with the powerful audio processing of the SC Series radios, ensuring crystal-clear sound in harsh conditions. noisy, damp or dusty.

Schermafbeelding 2022-06-20 from 09.55.03Variants of the proven SCG22 mobile radios and SC20 TETRA handheld radios make up the VHF solution, operating between 136 and 174 MHz.

Users will benefit from a globally reliable, proven and robust solution; the SC20 and SCG22 are used by professionals in public safety, oil and gas services, transportation and airport suppliers. These devices benefit from an extensive ecosystem of audio, power and transport accessories as well as advanced features from the AppSPACE application portfolio and wireless programming capability.

Product Manager, Ben Tabor, explained the benefits of VHF for users in large outdoor work environments: “Because VHF signals carry farther in open spaces, operators can realize significant cost savings. infrastructure by investing in a VHF TETRA network. Sepura’s new radios, when combined with currently available TETRA infrastructure, provide a cost-effective end-to-end solution for the most demanding mission-critical operations.

Terence Ledger, Global Sales Director for Sepura, welcomed the launch of the VHF devices, saying, “This is a significant first for the company. Adding VHF capability to our existing product range means that users who have not currently been able to deploy TETRA can now do so. Having a complete TETRA solution means they have access to the benefits of this platform, including increased number of channels and group call features, interoperability, increased security, proven audio quality and more. Again. We are really excited about the opportunities this presents to us.

Sepura’s VHF devices were launched at Critical Communications World, held in Vienna. At the same event, the company launched the dual-mode version of its SCU3 broadband vehicle device, which now includes both TETRA and LTE media, enabling true voice capability essential for LTE users.

Together, the two solutions are part of a proud legacy of technical innovation from UK-based communications experts.


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