The Diva’s 505th Blogtalk Radio Show 04/09 by Diva from DOOL


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Join The Diva of DOOL as we discuss what happened in Salem over the past two weeks. Ally discovered that Johnny was possessed and the devil jumped on him. The Devil chained Johnny in DiMera’s crypt and he learned everything he had done while possessed. Andre DiMera returned to do the devil’s bidding and Thaao Penghlis gave a mesmerizing and brilliant performance. AlDevil broke up with Chanel. EJ and Clyde are both released from prison. Roman gave Clyde a job that didn’t make Kate happy. Kaman fans were treated to a romantic dance. Ciera is uncomfortable with Clyde but invites him to the gender reveal party. Gabi catches Ava and Jake together. Rafe and Nicole find themselves in the sheets and declare their love… guess who’s coming back to spoil old Rafe!!! Greg Vaughn is back soon as Eric Brady! Belle goes to see Jan and finds out that she is pregnant with Shawn’s baby. Belle confronts Shawn and learns that he lied to her about sleeping with Jan. A paternity test reveals that Shawn is the father… it is Salem and we know how reliable these tests are. Belle tells her problem to EJ who gives her a shoulder to cry on. Eli is still in a coma and TR makes amends with Lani and Paulina. Abe is not happy. Anna stabs Renee with the antidote in hopes of getting Sarah back and is soon arrested for assault. Tony is angry but tries to help Anna and feels she is in a lot of trouble. Maggie goes to see Sarah and the antidote seems to work…she gets Sarah back but as a child. Gwen and Xander discuss their relationship and what will happen if Sarah regains her memory. So much more to discuss over the past two weeks and also our fun interview with Thaao Penghlis and Leann Hunley. More spoilers and whereabouts.



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