The reading service deploys the Arrakis boards


Cincinnati volunteers find MARC-15 easy to use

Posted: July 11, 2022

Radio World Buying guide section this month focuses on consoles and mixers.

Greater Cincinnati Radio Playback Services uses two MARC-15 boards by Arrakis.

Since 1977, Radio Reading Services has provided access to print materials to 13,000 listeners living in Greater Cincinnati who are blind, visually impaired or unable to read conventional print. Volunteers read local and national newspapers, popular magazines, grocery store advertisements and public service announcements to engage their listeners in their communities.

“Listeners access RRS through a subcarrier of WGUC,” said volunteer services manager Jennifer M. Holladay.. “Each radio receiver has been tuned to receive our station because we provide our listeners with access to copyrighted materials. »

She said that RRS has updated very old sound cards to the MARC-15 card.

“Choosing to go with MARC was easy since we have had the former for a few years now. Staff and volunteers access the boards and find them very effective to use.”

Anthony DeGregorio with the MARC-15 Council.

Holladay likes the multiple outputs so more than one volunteer can record at the same time, and the efficiency to control playback functions.

“The modular nature of MARC was invaluable to us, so we could customize the board to suit our needs. We also liked that the MARC was a bigger board, giving us enough entries to connect all of our equipment.

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The MARC-15 is a 15-channel analog modular board with three stereo outputs. Connections are made via balanced RJ-45.

Available modules include microphone, stereo line, telephone, studio monitor and USB. With the latter, a user can play and record digitally with a Windows or Mac PC, connected by USB cable, or record audio from the card with any third-party software.


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