TNH co-editor Eraklis Diamataris on ERT Radio on Mitsotakis’ US visit


WASHINGTON, DC – Ethnikos Kirikas/The National Herald co-publisher and editor, Eraklis Diamataris, was interviewed on “Proini Parea” on Hellenic Radio’s premier broadcast on May 16 regarding the visit of the Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis to the United States.

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“We have high expectations for this trip, both as Greek-Americans and as Greeks in general,” Diamataris said, noting the situation since Greek-American George Tsounis is now at the US Embassy. in Athens.

“There is a Prime Minister who studied in the United States, knows the American mentality and at the same time in Athens there is a Greek-American in the American embassy and I think we should not miss this opportunity” , said Diamataris.

Referring to a recent article in the Wall Street Journal, which revealed that the Biden administration had asked Congress to modernize the Turkish F-16s, Diamataris expressed the opinion that in the end, Congress will not vote for such a thing, because it has become clear now. that Turkey is an unstable ally that cannot be trusted. “Turkey is unpredictable and has been doing so for a century whenever there are important developments. He is doing the same thing now that he wants to block Finland and Sweden from joining NATO. On the other hand, Greece “is a pillar of stability in the region”, noted Diamataris.

At the same time, Diamataris made particular reference to President Biden’s relationship with the Greek diaspora in the United States “When he became a senator from Delaware, those who supported him were the Greeks of his state, the merchants , restaurants. He was then 29 years old and the Greek community believed in him in his first steps,” Diamataris said to conclude his interview.


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