Vegas School District to provide teachers with panic devices


LAS VEGAS (AP) — The Las Vegas Metro School District will provide electronic panic button devices to teachers as it moves to heighten security following incidents that include a violent after-school attack that left an injured and unconscious teacher in her classroom.

In addition to providing teachers with panic devices equipped with Bluetooth connectivity, the Clark County School District will upgrade security cameras and ask police departments to increase their presence in schools, officials said Tuesday. responsible.

The panic devices will first be issued at El Dorado High School, the site of last week’s attack. A 16-year-old student faces charges of sexual assault and attempted murder in the incident.

Escalating violence, including fights, assaults and fights, in the district has caused frustration among teachers, public safety officials and others.

“This can’t wait another day,” said Clark County Education Association president Marie Neisess. “We must act now.”

“We have not seen an increase in calls, but an increase in violence, a lack of empathy and a lack of respect for our adult authority,” said Brigid Duffy, director of the juvenile division of the district attorney’s office. county.

The sprawling district, the fifth largest in the nation, has more than 300,000 students and 18,000 teachers on approximately 336 campuses.


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