Weekly Dem Radio Speech: Senator Bewley touts Governor Evers’ infrastructure spending to rehabilitate roads and bridges


Hi, this is State Senator Bewley with this week’s Democratic radio address.

Just a few years ago, Wisconsin had a bad rap as the “pothole state.” Things change. Since Governor Evers took office, we have improved more than 4,600 miles of roads and nearly 1,500 bridges. Its two biennial budgets have made historic investments in rebuilding Wisconsin’s aging infrastructure, with more than $465 million in funding for new transportation projects in the 2019-21 Budget and $100 million in funding in the 2021- 2023.

Last month, the Governor announced that the first round of local roads funding included in recently passed federal legislation will provide $35 million to support 40 projects across the state. Governor Evers’ support for our infrastructure does not stop there. He has pledged to invest nearly $300 million in expanding high-quality, high-speed Internet access across our state.

For too long, my fellow Republicans have refused to make the investments needed to keep our transportation infrastructure in good condition. Bridges and roads across the state were collapsing, but Republicans under former Governor Walker underfunded infrastructure and left our roads in worse and worse shape. But now, thanks to Governor Evers, we’re reversing course, filling in potholes, and connecting broadband. Democrats know that when we invest in infrastructure, we can build a state where people want to live, work, and raise families.


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