What Boston Sports Radio Says About Kevin Durant Trade Rumors



Reports that the Nets and Celtics have engaged in serious trade talks over Kevin Durant sent Boston sports radio into a frenzy.

The Celtics are reportedly engaged in trade talks to acquire Nets superstar Kevin Durant. Seth Wenig/AP, file

The NBA world was abuzz with news Monday morning that the Celtics and Nets had entered into serious trade talks over Kevin Durant.

Of course, Boston sports radio shows have no shortage of opinions on the situation. Here is what they said:

On the plausibility of an exchange

Reactions to possibly dropping Jaylen Brown, Marcus Smart, draft picks and potentially another rotation player for Durant have been mixed. The cast of 98.5 The Sports Hub’s “Toucher and Rich” unanimously agreed the deal would be positive for the Celtics.

“Now that they have Malcolm Brogdon, I think that’s a deal you have to make if you’re Brad Stevens,” the show’s Rich Shertenlieb said Monday morning.

Co-host Jon Wallach echoed Shertenlieb’s sentiments, saying, “I don’t see how you can’t do this. It makes too much sense for both sides, both teams can sell it to their fans. The Nets get a fair package and the Celtics get one of the best players on the planet.

Tony Massarotti of 98.5 The Sports Hub’s “Felger and Mazz” pointed out that, if Brown’s relationship with the Celtics is beyond repair, moving him for Durant is something Boston should do.

“If Jaylen Brown is going to leave, and you [the Celtics] can get four years from Kevin Durant right now for doing it, then you do it,” Massarotti noted.

On WEEI’s “The Greg Hill Show,” initial reactions from the co-hosts were mixed. While former Patriots tight end Jermaine Wiggins supported accepting Brooklyn’s reported proposal for Durant, his co-hosts Hill and Courtney Cox, as well as producer Chris Curtis, weren’t so sure, questioning Durant’s story in the face of pressure from fans.

On Durant as a fit for Boston

Curtis spoke about Durant’s mental toughness analyzing it as a game with the Celtics, saying, “If I had to pick some kind of mental frame to say this guy couldn’t work here [in Boston], Kevin Durant is the prototype. Burner accounts on Twitter, can’t stand fans being negative about him…”

98.5 Sports Hub’s Christian Arcand wondered if Durant would be able to fit in from a team perspective. “There is no guarantee that [Durant] and Tatum find a way to get along,” he said when explaining why he wouldn’t go through with the deal. “There’s no guarantee it will work from a team perspective.”

Although they acknowledged the Celtics would have to acquire Durant if they were to move Brown, Massarotti and co-host Michael Felger were also unsure of the Boston compatibility.

“I don’t know if it’s a perfect fit,” Felger said.

Massarotti agreed, stating that putting Durant ahead of Jayson Tatum would send the “wrong message to Tatum.”

Massarotti also wondered if Tatum and Durant would be able to play effectively together. “I’m not sure their games are compatible,” he said. “Aside from the tenacity element…their games are kind of similar. They’re both guys you want to start the attack with the ball in their hands.

However, Wiggins of “The Greg Hill Show” looked at Tatum and Durant’s relationship in support of the potential trade, noting that “the way Durant talks about [Tatum]I can easily see them putting their ego aside.

On Jaylen Brown

Hosts across the city also pondered what these trade talks might mean for Jaylen Brown’s future, even if Boston fails to negotiate for Durant.

Greg Hill asked his co-hosts “If the deal doesn’t happen, do you have a problem with Jaylen Brown?”

Wiggins replied in the affirmative, saying, “You have a bigger problem if the deal doesn’t get done, so you have to get that deal done.”

Rich Keefe of WEEI’s “Gresh and Keefe” also addressed this issue on Monday. “The Celtics shouldn’t have offered Jaylen Brown for Kevin Durant. I think that’s a mistake,” Keefe said. “The worst part of it all is that you have already ended Jaylen Brown’s stay in Boston. It’s just a matter of date, but it’s coming to an end.

Fueled by Brown’s disturbing tweet reacting to the rumours, Felger and Mazz discussed at length a possible growing rift between Brown and the Celtics as a contributing factor to the trade offer.

“I guess…that the Celtics don’t offer Jaylen Brown for Kevin Durant because they want Kevin Durant,” co-host Michael Felger said. “They’re offering Jaylen Brown for Kevin Durant because Jaylen Brown doesn’t want them. [the Celtics] and they have to get something for him.


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