What is the stream? Virgin Media’s new streaming TV box explained


Virgin Media’s new all-in-one streaming TV box, Stream, is available to buy now.

Released on April 27, Stream’s selling point is that it lets you have everything in one place; all your free channels, apps and subscriptions.

It should be very easy to add and remove channels, cancel and re-add subscriptions, so you’ll never scroll through things you don’t need or pay for channels you don’t need. you will never look. So unlike that gym membership you’ve wanted to cancel since February, Stream helps you save a pretty penny.

Even more convenient, the streaming services you pay for, like Amazon Prime Video and Netflix, will be charged at a monthly cost. So you can see exactly how much you spend each month in one payment.

If you subscribe to streaming platforms like Disney Plus through Stream, you’ll get a 10% credit applied to your monthly bill.

Buy Virgin Media Stream from £29.99 per month

What is Virgin Media Stream?

The stream is available from April 27, 2022 at no additional cost to Virgin Media broadband customers.

The Stream box plugs into your TV, making it super easy to set up and install yourself. The box is currently limited to one per household, so there’s no multi-room system to stream shows to different rooms in your home. Still. This may change in the future.

Stream comes with voice control and search so you can easily find what you want to watch. No more scrolling through endless channels until you get to the one you’re looking for.

It is compatible with 4K resolution and you also have the option of watching videos in Ultra HD.

Virgin Media Stream customers will also have access to the exclusive Virgin TV Go app – compatible with iOS and Android devices.

Buy Virgin Media Stream from £29.99 per month

How much does Virgin Media Stream cost?

Virgin Media Stream is free to all Virgin Media broadband customers. However, there is a £35 Stream activation fee, which is a one-time bill.

You can cut and edit your content according to your personal preferences, but also according to your finances. So if you’re a bit short on cash next month, you can make the decision to remove, say, Netflix from Stream. Then, if you want, you can add it back the following month – your history won’t go anywhere. Plus, you’ll see the 10% credit on your account each month and a nice option for all of us worried about today’s cost of living.

Buy Virgin Media Stream from £29.99 per month

What streaming services are included in Virgin Media Stream?

You can access all your favorite subscriptions like Sky Sports, Netflix, Starzplay and Sky Cinema, plus free TV channels, like BBC, ITV, Channel 4 and Dave, and free apps like YouTube, BBC iPlayer, My5 and BBC Sounds.

Although all HD channels are included as standard, you choose which apps you pay for.

Can you choose which streaming services are included?

Yes! You can choose which streaming services you pay for each month.

It’s worth mentioning that you need to subscribe to streaming platforms like Netflix, Disney Plus, and Starzplay through Virgin Media Stream to get the 10% credit back to your account. You can link an existing account to the streaming box to watch videos, but unfortunately you won’t receive the credit.

Some Stream subscriptions require 30 days notice to cancel but, for example, once you cancel Netflix it will remain active and viewable until the end of your billing month.

Buy Virgin Media Stream from £29.99 per month

Do you need Virgin Broadband for streaming?

Yes. Virgin Media broadband customers can grab Stream for just a £35 activation fee.

Not already a Virgin Media broadband customer? Virgin Media’s broadband deals start from £25 per month.

New Virgin Media broadband customers are subject to an 18 month contract and £35 installation fee.

Get Virgin Media Broadband From £25 A Month

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